• Andi Wong

    Andi Wong

  • Jenn Cross

    Jenn Cross

    Currently residing on Earth

  • Gwynne Li

    Gwynne Li

    Interaction designer who is dedicated to doing UIX design.

  • Aaron Yih

    Aaron Yih

    Not building any product or business. www.aaronyih.com

  • Chris Sijbranda

    Chris Sijbranda

  • Vladimir Novakovski

    Vladimir Novakovski

    Working on @Lunchclubai, founder, angel investor, advisor to startups, VCs, and LPs. Previously CTO at Euclid, VPE at Addepar, and Head of ML at Quora.

  • Vincent Kao

    Vincent Kao

    Let me share my world with you. Hopefully I can make your day just a bit better :)

  • Dhruv Patel

    Dhruv Patel

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